MUS325H1 Lecture Notes - Bassoon

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Published on 16 Apr 2013
3/27/2013 10:19:00 AM
Same seating in the Esterhazy
3 violins 3 2nd violins in esterhazy
Cellos on the outside
Bassoon adding sound as a lower register
Orchestra in London
Ten violins + ten 2nd violins
Haydn in esterhasy was 15 players in total
4 cellos
4 double basses
Person who brought haydn to london
Soloman leading as a first violin
Haydn was honoured an therefore didn’t play in orchestra
o First time where haydn sits with the audience
o People paid to see haydn
o No music specifically written for himself
o Haydn cording along playing along
Sometimes writes a solo riff for himself
End of finale
Four measures of solo forte piano
When there were vocal soloists
Concerts in London 1790
o Lasted 3 or 4 hours with intermission
No conductor
Soloman standing along with haydn deciding the
Nobody there with a baton
When Haydn premiering a new melody
o After intermission
o Listening because they wanted to intellectually
o Organ was not there when there was no church music
No. 94 Haydn “surprise symphony”
First movement was slow
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