NMC101H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Pepi Ii Neferkare, Turin King List, Manetho

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NMC343 - Ancient Egypt I
Thursday Nov 8, 2012
Lecture 10 - End of Old Kingdom and FIP
Pepy II
Grandson of Pepy I
How do we know who Pepys’ dad is?
The Saqqara stone**
Ascended the throne as a child, with his mother acting as regent
Ankhnesmeryre may have been helped by his brother Djau
Turin Canon -90 years
Manetho -94 years
Archaeological proof of year 65 and might be a more accurate count
Longest reigning monarch in the world!
Image: Shows mother bigger than him
Representing Isis? Mother of Horus? Her as a goddess?
Statement of her power?
Many wives, guaranteed by long reign
Neith is the royal wife and mother of his son who will inherit throne after him
Iput II half sister
Udjebten his aunt
Ankhnespepy III his granddaughter (his son’s daughter)
Stays in his family to take care of grandad
A cementing of her status in court
Formal marriage
Saqarra stone on her sarcophagus and because of this we understand the complicated
Ankhnespepy IV mother of Neferkare-Nibi
Wadi Hammamat
Increase in military forays
Increasing reliance on Libyan and Nubian mercenaries
Tomb of Harkhuf
Nomarch in Elephantine (Aswan)
Tomb in hills of Kubbet el-Hawa
Non-royal biography
Family tradition of exploration under Mourner to the land called Yam (south of modern Khar-
Third Journey:
Diplomacy Yam vs southern Libyans
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