Lecture 15

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University of Toronto St. George
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Katja Goebs

LECTURE15November 4 2009 15 Early New KingdomDynasty 18 c 15501295 BCEAnd New Kingdom begins with Ahmosesince brother or nephew of KamoseDynasty 17 and 18 same familydifference Hyksos no longer controlling the northAhmoseone of the three founders of Egypt with Menes and Mentuhotep II Ramessides worship him as a godDynasty 18 has support of local potentates cf Ahmose son of IbanaInternational political situation is favourable New Empire Hittites Hattushili I and Mursili I move into Syria from Anatolia linked with Hyksoswhen they conquer AleppoNorthern SyriaHyksoscannot deploy all resources against Ahmose Hittites eventually also raid BabylonNorthern Mesopotamialater Kassites found a new dynasty ie entire Near East is in flux Internal Affairs and Cultural Change th Administration based on the 12 Dynastymore tightly centralized then HyksosInheritably of offices is backbut no more nomarchs exceptionNubiaViziers office is reinstitutedHyksos has treasurer in his placehe and central administration continue to reside at Thebesis also religious capital nowAmun temple becomes state templeAhmose also pays lot of attention to Abydosmonuments for himself pyramid tomblast and his family ex Grandma TetisheriShe and other women play major part in affairs of the country Principal wife sister AhmoseNefertaruonly second woman after her motherAhhotep with title Gods Wife of Amunkey role in cult of AmunUnder Ahmoses son Amenhotep I and his successor Thutmose Ipaternity debatedpotentially son of early deceased son of Seqenenre Taonew cultural peakAIfirst king buried in rockcut tomb near Dra Abul Nagaforebodes Valley of the Kings Necropolis of the New Kingdom rulers Thutmose Ifirst king buried thereLater deified and with mother AhmoseNefertariPatrons of Theban necropolis Egyptian cultic rituals committed to writingAmduat composed first copy in Thutmose Is tombLitany of Re and other solar hymns appear th Also record for heliacal rising of Sothis9 year of his reigngood chronological basis The Thutmosides c 15041350 BCE
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