First Dynasty of Babylon (1880-1595)

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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Alain Beaulieu

NMC346 November 24, 2010 First Dynasty of Babylon (1880-1595) Continued -votive inscription in honour of Hammurabi (british museum) -1479K0J40888K7,9:2KL8O, ,3 1479K0OL1041Hammurabi, king of the Amorites Itur- Ashdum, chief of the $LO,NN:.,3,O 9. -Votive statuette in honour of Hammurabi (Louvre Museum) -for the god Amuru (means west), his god and for the life of Hammurabi, king of Babylon -Meticulous administration under Hammurabi -correspondence from Larsa was one of his major conquests -Hammurabi and Sin-iddinam -Hammurabi and Shamash-hazir -the correspondence from Larsa portrays Hammurabi as a meticulous administrator absorbed in the micro management of numerous dossiers with commoners being able to reach him directly. -Samsuiluna (1749-1712) - Samsuiluna son of Hammurabi experienced great difficulty trying to keep the empire together. By the 0341KL870LJ3$:207Z,8O489,3,-O438L31O:03.0K,Z,30L33479K073084549,2L, -Year names of Samsuiluna -years 1-8: no military action -year 9: repels Kassite invaders (new ethnic group) -years 10-15: rebellions in Babylonia -year 20: campaign against Eshnunna -year 23: destruction of Shehne (Tell Leilan) in Northern Mesopotamia -years20-22, 24-38: some campaigns in the Diyala, Zagros, and Middle Euphrates; fortification of Babylon -Rebellion in Larsa -a rebellion in the south brings one
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