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Leture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
New College
Bathseba Opini

Lecture 2: September, 19 History: - Need to know where studies done - Religion o Own religion before west came o Education-earliest university was in Timbatoo o Arts-orality-songs, dance, proverbs important - Rites of Passage o Move from one stage to another in life  Each new stage has a celebration attached to it o Birth: to welcome child, celebrate o Initiation  Can happen in various ways Family and Politics: - Africa stateless society? – WRONG! o Instead, each country, own way of governing - Lineage/kinship system – VERY important, and valued in society Readings: - Yeboah o Thoughts:  Problem region vs. Region with problem  Prejudice • Problem region-places blame on Africa  Medical geography – increased HIV/AIDS in south-colonization last there longest  Need to look at social as well as medical aspect of AIDS  Misreport about what going on • Must look at where getting info from AIDS belt: - Definition can vary - Highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in this region - Covers area of 16 countries Dr. Roger England - Against exceptionalism - Don’t need to treat AIDS as exc disease - Many diseases killing humans - Neglecting other serious problems - Promotes stigma in society when do exc/preferential treatment - Over years- nations shifted funds to AIDS research o Result – problem because took funds away from other diseases (ex. cancer) Your Thoughts: - Arguments for exc o Get international aid like this - Arguments AGAINST exc o Wouldn’t have people thinking about research, etc. Sahn ch. 7: - **poverty - Many NGO’s going into this business - Large debt in Africa - Not in NGO + banks interests to have Africa out of poverty How important HIV is today: - Last point on slide:
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