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University of Toronto St. George
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Thomas Tieku

African Studies- Oct 18 th 2011 10/18/2011 7:10:00 AM The Peopling of Eastern and Central Africa Last week, suggested that Africans began to develop communities North, East and Cetnral Africa (esp Ethiopia) were the places East Africa we know today is not the East Africa that was then - East African Kingdoms- Kingdom of Kush (Sudan) Aksum (ethiopia), and Nubians, the Swahili Coast and the people on Islands - East Africans opened Africa up for trade – trade roots developed along east African coast - as a result of trade , modern cities emerged along East African Coast - e.g Somalia - most of East Africans lived in cities whereas most west Africans lived in rural communities - gold , spices in exchange for salt and other goods from Asia - indias where very good at textiles pre colonial - East Africa developed before West Africa The People of West Africa - chad part of it, not Cameroon - indigenous peoples of Western Africa are mostly Bantus (predominant, Yorubas,(Nigeria) Akan,(ghana) Mande, and Bambara(Mali to Senaegal and Gambia)) Afro- Asians and Nilo Saharans - West African region is very spread out of groups - Afro- Asiatic (Hausa in Nigeria)- linguistically different from Yorubas and Igbo, closer linguistically and culturally to cousins in the north - Nilo- Saharan (Tuareg—in Chad and Mali) - pay attention to Dots up there--- Cape Verde islands(most developed and democratic continents on the continent) Principe and Sao Tome is part of West Africa, Gambia (little dot between Senegal) Guinea Bisal and Guinea Proper, and Equitorial Guinea migration of Bantus - began to spread out in West Africa from present day, Cameroon , th Nigeria border border around 4 century B.C - gradual process (look at map on slides) - bantus migrated to east and west Africa but they are indigenous to the place, because except for South Africa, most of the places they went to were thick forests and they were the first ones there . - three reasons they moved gradually(Bantus located in Cameroon Nigeria border, dotted along Niger river ) 1. both the interior of Central Africa and West Africa were very thick forests. - because of this, difficult to cultivate the land - only make good use of land when they had access to iron technology - moved when they began to use iron technology to interior - desert used to be Savana, where they lived before and easy to cultivate 2. areas in West Africa had heavy ass rainfalls and was not conducive to staple food of yams- so hard to grow there 3. forests happens to be where the wild animals are, expose yourself to danger when you begin to settle there 4. West Africa happens to be a late developer n terms of settlement, because resources of this area were not at that time known - also bareee mosquito
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