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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Drugs as Molecules

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Lecture 3 PCL201 Drugs are MoleculesDrug Interactions with water and lipidsTBW42LICF29LECF14LPlasma3LISF11LWhat is solubilityThe ability of a chemical to dissolve in a fluid to form a homogenous solutionWhat factors affect solubility1Temperature 2Molecular Size Large molecules have reduced solubility in solution3PolarityaDepends on ionization statebSolubility in aqueous and lipidsLipid soluble drugs can attach to carriers such as albuminWhat is permeabilityPermeability is the rate at which a molecule travels through a mediumWhat affects permeability1Solubility2Size of molecule Large may have difficulty crossing membraneFor example OIL and WATER and the lipid bilayerOIL would be more permeable across a lipid medium and is considered lipophillicWhat are hydrophilic compoundsCan form hydrogen bondsWater can form Hydrogen bonds with itselfGlucose and Water can form hydrogen bonds hydration shellNaCl crystal charged regions form dipole moments with other moleculesWhy do we careDrug compounds must interact with water and lipid environmentsThe ideal drug must be1Biologically active2Active at physiological pH3Soluble in water and lipid permeableThe plasma membraneFor compounds to be transported in the body the membrane is in the wayWater forms Hbondsrequires some energy to cross slowHydrophobicLipophillicreadily diffuse acrossHydrophillicLipophobicrequires free energy to cross much slower than water not energetically favorable
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