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Peter King

Lecture 4: week 3 Republic 1  Plato finds Socrates in 428 B.C (around there)  Plato was impressed about Socrates seriousness in getting the answers for moral questions  Plato started writing down the exchange he had with people, which Socrates did not  Plato does not give an accurate view of exactly what Socrates says, because he was not constantly following Socrates around  The work of Plato which writes about the dialogue of Socrates is spilt into three; early age, middle age and the late age  We consider early dialogues to be good documentation of how Socrates went about doing things, such as in the Republic, and the Apology  As time goes by, Plato started putting himself more into what he wrote  The Republic is a middle age dialogue  The first book in the Republic is a perfect example for a typical Socratic dialogue  The reason is that it deals with the question of: „What is Justice?‟  At the end of book 1, Socrates and the other people who were involved in the discussion agree that they did not have a final answer to the question: „What is Justice?‟  In the first book Plato explains how Socrates goes about getting his answers  While the rest of the book deals with what Plato considers the „right‟ way to go about asking questions  Plato is not concerned with just the issue of government, but he is also concerned about other social issues, and all the levels related to society
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