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Lecture 3

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Peter King

Hobbes lecture 3 18012011Solutions available by playing prisoners dilemma We realize it is better to cooperate Cooperative solutions emergeHobbes thought it was a one shot game and so a lot of things get ruled out For a one shot game he has a much stronger argument And because of that coalitions cannot be formed as they are formed over time Many scholars think that what is going on with Hobbes is not prisoners dilemma but assurance gamesCooperateDefect Cooperate 33 02 Defect2011What we want is to be assured with what you do Id rather cooperateHobbess question is not whether we should cooperate but whether we are assured if they will cooperate So what we want is assuranceThe real issue it poses is the question why other people will do what they say and keep to their agreement Why should you keep an agreement when you get a benefit from breaking itFrom the republic why would it be advantageous to keep your agreement when you can get away with it Plato justice because you are better off Psychological harmony your body is healthy If you keep your agreements you have harmony internally and in for itselfWhy not
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