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Intro Lectures March 31

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Andre Gombay

March 31, 2011 Guilt , Anxiety and Phobias You may think Freud is interested in one form of self deception. When you repress something, it is a way of hiding from the self and deceiving the self. Suppose that I am interested in a woman and she is not interested in me. I still, somehow, deceive myself. I think somehow that she has hit on me. I am repressing all my actions about the actual behaviour. 19yr old woman who was obsessed with her sleeping arrangement. With Freud, she has repressed her Oedipus complex. Well, we can say that she is deceiving herself and that her neurotic behaviour is just one way of expressing her Oedipus complex. She has repressed the Oedipus complex into the unconscious. Freud and repression and self-deception. Last week, Julie told us that one theoretic problem about self-deception is to explain how its possible. SD seeks to imply that there is a deceiver in you and that they are both the same person. The deceiver is the person who knows P and the other Q. How is it I can know both one thing and the other? With Freud, it is easy to explain. Page 98 diagram. Repressing as pushing something from one to the other. There are two parts. There are the lines. Self-deception becomes very easy to talk about. it is simply pushing something from conscious into the unconscious. Belief that P is here and not
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