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About Hobbes

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Mark Kingwell

Philosophy January 11 , 2011 About Hobbes Hobbes was born in England in 1588, lives into his 90s, dies in 1679 and was currently quite fit and healthy life long, e.g. playing tennis in 80s 1 regular guy we come across, went to university, taken in by family to act as a tutor Made himself sufficiently useful to be an old family retainer, e.g. accompany the when traveling 2 kinds of works: civil obligation to state, other had to do with science, could make great name for himself as an experimental scientist (however he did not manage to do this) Same age as Descartes, contemporary of Descartes Before publication of Descartes, Hobbes is one of authors of objection to meditation, was chosen cause he was notorious for being a materialist and wanting to be philosophy on a scientific flipping Wanted to come up with a type of technique that would allow him to think clearly of social and political issues, bothered by the fact that in the past philosophers simply argued with one another, wanted to make progress, very impressed by new royal society managed to make progress and discover truths, people who previous
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