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AP - February 6th, 2012 - Metahysics 1.pdf

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Lloyd Gerson

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Ancient Philosophy 120304 913 PM thFebruary 6 2012De Anima ContinuationFrom a sensible form in us to the seeing of an intelligible form that is only available through intellection not sensationThis form has to be cognized universally to cognize it is not to identify with any particular thingThe intelligible form is present in the intellect and the awareness of the presence of the formJust sensing something is only possible if the one who senses of the state is the identical with the one who is in the state Ex Your awareness of a headache is awareness of the state of the one who is having a headache This is an example of selfawareness Your intellect cant be material it cant be an activity of a material thing Because if your soul was material an activity of your brain for example then the presence of the form would have to be something like an electro chemical state in the brainSelf reflexivity is impossible for a physical entity We have at least part of us that is not material Relate to Platos PhaedoAristotle thought the brain was a cooling system and thought that the thinking happened in the chestFour Causes Interpretation o The brain is the matter for intellection o Doesnt tell us how the form of thinking is related to the matterThere still is a problem of how its possible to go from sense perception and imagination sensible forms to intellection intelligible forms Ex Seeing shades of red to grasping redness o Plato Doctrine of recollection o Aristotles answer to the problem is very s we have what he calls an active or agent intellect an intellect which when it is separated from our helomorphic composite which is eternally cognizing forms actualizing the activity of intellection
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