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Lecture 16

PHL201H1 Lecture 16: Broad: Classes of Egoistic Desires

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Mark Schranz

PHL201H1S 20160309 Lecture 16 Broad: Classes of Egoistic Desires Presents cases that all seem to be egoistic 3 classes of desires: o (1) Self Regarding Desires (A) Self confined Doesnt matter if there arent any people in the universe Desires that dont require other people to exist (B) Self centered Involve other things but you are still the primary concern Maybe you desire affection from others o Want them to think you are nice The thing these desires are for is important because of you (even though it may involve other things or people) EX: Youre working on project with group of people o Maybe only care about grade you get o Other group members only important because theyre in your group You remain primary focus of these desires o (2) SelfReferential desires Dont primarily involve you You are not the focus But have them only because the person is related to you EX: Group project You might care about grades your group members get because theyre your friends But maybe you wouldnt care how others did because theyre not members of your group EX: You care about wellbeing of a sibling But dont care about strangers that you dont have relationship with Care about sister having a good life not only because it makes me happy, but because you really want her to have a good life Have an egoistic motive stimulus Broad: The Main Question Seems obvious that both selfregarding desires and selfreferential desires are egoistic o All involve you some how o Important to your identity EX: If family member does badly, you feel badly Natural way for humans to feel Could extend beyond people Maybe if reputation of Canada was suffering, you might feel bad even if your reputation was perfectly fine o As long as they are close enough to you, seems like its egoistic Maybe class 2 [Selfreferential] is not as egoistic but it still involves you EX: o Lets say one of your parents gets ill and you were genuinely distressed because you care about their wellbeing o But imagine a person who reacted differently:
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