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age of anxiety

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Ronaldde Sousa

Lecure 1 Review of A10  If you can’t doubt it, then you don’t need faith to believe in itso the argument between doubt and belief is that belief is the dialogue with what you believe and what you doubt  TM: you can’t belive in something if you can’t doubt about it  Beginning of the 20centrury and still prevalent now is the imbalance between ‘belief’ and ‘doubt’ o More doubt than believe and that’s why people get lost and this age is called ‘the age of anxiety ‘ o It’s also ‘the age of science’ Knowing is more important than believing  --knowing is decide what you need to do=doing ( right choice, decision making and fact). what you do in a given choice  --believing is ‘who you are’=being is the choice you choose  You can do&undo, but you can’t be and unbe o TM: what if what you do is not who you are  Doing is the upper brick on being, which is the essence o So doing and being is equal to ‘existence and essence’  Existence is the experience of your being  So the existence can change based on you—you don’t see the vase the same way at different tiem and space  Excistence is how you interpret what things mean to you  It is related to ‘identity’, where you identify yourself through time and spaceso you experience (exist / identify) yourself , which is different at different space and time.  Modern Art o The poem is written to ‘be’ , not to you!!  Poems help you to find who you are , your essence  We don’t wannna read poetry cause we focus on ‘utility’, which is a theme of the Modern Art age o Utility  You are a tool, a skill  You give up who you are to cecome what someone needs you to be  speicalization in what you major=shaping o The conflict between shaping (function) an
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