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Deborah Black

PHL 206S: Later Medieval Philosophy Essay Assignment #1: Short Essay Professor Deborah Black Winter 2013 Length: 2-3 pages in 12-point font (about 750 words). Please double space and leave ample margins (at least 1 inch). There is no penalty if your essay does not fall within these guidelines, although it is recommended that you try to keep your essay to the suggested length. Weight: 20%. Due: Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013. Late Penalty: 3% per school day (excluding weekends and statutory holidays; weekdays during reading week are considered “school days,” but Feb. 18 is a statutory holiday). Papers more than one week overdue will normally not be accepted. See the syllabus under “Course Requirements” for acceptable documentation for avoiding late penalties because of illness or other legitimate reasons. Submission: Students must submit their essays to their TA or the instructor in class or tutorial by the due date in order to have the essay considered on time. th Essays left in the course drop box at Philosophy Dept. (located on the 5 floor of the Jackman Humanities Building, 170 St. George St.) will be deducted a minimum late penalty of 1 day, and 3% per additional school day thereafter. I do not guarantee that the drop box will be checked regularly; if you use the drop box please email me to let me know. EMAIL SUBMISSION OF ESSAYS IS NOT PERMITTED. A PAPER COPY MUST BE TURNED IN BY THE DUE DATE. Please indicate both the course number and YOUR TA’S NAME on all your essays. ONLY ESSAYS ON THE FOLLOWING TOPIC WILL BE ACCEPTED. Essay Topic: Aquinas o
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