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Linda Hunter

Philosophy Lecture June 4, 2012 Spinoza on the Human Mind • Thought is an attribute of god and so is extension • We as human beings don’t perceive anything other than bodies and modes of thinking; seems to follow that we’re not gonna be clued into any further attributes that God might have but it may be a limitation of our faculties and that we can only pick up on two modes [thought and extension] but god has all possible attributes • P6: causal relations have to be conceivable and you have to be able to explain how they can be in principle • Thought and extension have nothing in common so you can’t get an explanation that why an individual thought makes an appeal to some extended mode because there is nothing in common between an instance of thinking and an instance of extension so therefore there is no causal relation between individual bodies and individual thoughts • P7: the order and connection of ideas is the same as the order and connection of things- the things under consideration here are bodies • IA4: knowledge of an effect depends on and involves the knowledge of the cause • IIP7S: there can’t be more than one substance, just an infinite substance [God] So there is one substance and that substance is modified and could be understood as extended or thinking • Parallelism: for any
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