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Sol Goldberg

PHL217-6 Review:in what sense is Hegel's preface predatory? Not only have not not yet obtained the ultimate truth, we have not yet obtained an adequate manner for doing so, the actual standards by which we could know what is truth. Hegel like Socrates showed our ignorance so that we can pursue knowledge. Showing us, what the ideal truth would be, and realizing that ideal truth must coincide. When we come to see what the ideal standard is for truth, we will have realized this very conception of truth. Thing thinking thinking versus spirits perfect self knowledge Paragraph 25. Spirit must be knowledgeable of the spirit and it must acknowledge itself as spirit. With aristotle's thinking thinking thinking, his definition if god, is that, god the thinking substance, only thinks, and in thinking, only thinks it's own thoughts. God is the intellect incorporeal, it only thinks about ideal thoughts, and thus it thinks only of itself. God always thinks, and god always thinks ideal thoughts. If you take Hegel's view of absolute spirit, then there would perhaps be no difference from god. But this interpretation is mistaken, because aristotle's god is by definition a subject that can only think, in the Hegelian sense, there is a sense of an imperative that must be carried, which is that spirit must come to, it must achieve it's final form of itself as thinking subject, meaning it is the self identity that one obtains after a long process. The subjected aspect of spirit, in fact, starts and emerges out of substance. Spirit is the thinking subject, and and all there is substance and thus all that may be thought. Hegel means to replace, and make unnecessary the aristotelian god. Philosophy cannot come to terms if we stick with Aristotle's god. So you must posit that you fan achieve the same aristotelian ideal, but without subscribing to it. In the basic contrast with god and human beings, that human beings, as much as they have a divine model, that the ideal can be achieved. Hegel wants to show that this high ideal of truth can be achieved. He's showing it is unnecessary, and he is replacing the transcendent image of god, is the historical development of the social view of mind. Hegels bikdungsroman. All there is to know is substance in the entirety of objects, it is the substance of the totality that there is, and on top of that, you know yourself that you know that substance is this entirety. There is no limited view of knowledge. But how do you know you know every substance, the totality of knowledge, and that everyone else knows that you know everything that is? Bildungsromain, is the formation of spirit itself in its basic character, as is the case with the essential stages in the development of knowledge. We talk about a social view of truth withou
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