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Lecture 5

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Sol Goldberg

PHL217 LECTURE 5 SEPTEMBER 26THWalter Kaufman mid 1970s or Yirmiavi Yovel translation with commentary available online1Preliminaries the difficulty and significance of Hegels PrefaceThe text exhibits the tendency in continental philosophy to reflect on itself as a text and on its manner of writing and exposition Also perhaps true of Kants what is enlightenment iea public text about text being published but Hegels reflects on itself to a greater degree The normal view of CP as having a tendency towards reflecting on its own writing by seeing philosophy itself as a species of literature or poetry is that here that view itself is rejected Part of what its doing is making a case for itself as scientific writing far from poetical influences that Hegels contemporaries exhibits With this we can start to ask what kind of piece of writing is the Preface and what does it have to say about its own manner of writing2Preface or PostscriptA good place to start is that Hegel spends a good bit of time in the Preface explaining why a preface to a philosophical work could not in fact be written He explicitly belittles prefaces generally Hegel says Philosophy cannot be made easy so that theres a simple and accessible common sense
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