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January 25 Lecture

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Stephen Biggs

PHL240 January 25, 2011 Locke and Parfit Lecture 3 Locke: you, the person, are a conscious stream -when a person is asleep, the conscious stream would stop and thus the person would not exist (?) -what makes two conscious episodes part of the same stream Locke appeals to memory -any conscious episode you can remember is in your conscious stream -you, the person, are a conscious stream, where your stream is comprised by conscious episodes that you remember -accordingly, if someone loses or forgets memories for a certain thing, the actual person did not do any of the things they cannot remember, although the body did experience these things, the individual did not -contrary to Williams and Thomson, Lockes point that the mind is more central to personal identity than the body looks plausible -but the more specific role he gives consciousness and memory look far less plausible -Parfit attempts to preserve something of Lockes view, while avoiding its troubles Parfit Part 1: The Cases Case 2 : purples brain is removed, browns brain is implanted into purples, brown disappears -brain in another body resulting person has browns character and apparent memories of his life -where is brown and did he survive by having his brain implanted into someone else? Case 2 : half of browns brain is destroyed, other half is less intact resulting person has browns character and apparent memories of his life; where is brown? Intuitively, he is in the same body Case 3 : browns brain is cut in half, rest destroyed, purple receives half of browns brain; resulting person has browns character and apparent memories of his life; Parfit says he is in the new body, after all, he survived transplanting in case 1 and half brain destructi
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