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rd Lecture 7 – October 23 , 2013 PHL243 Summary of last week’s lecture - The difficulty of defining the erotic - Statistics, normality, fact and value - Goldman: against means-end analysis - Can ‘perversion’ be defined statistically - “sex in the Head”: Intentionalism and Reductionism The Specialness of Erotic Sex - Something unique about sexuality: it sets off intense and diametrically opposite responses - Everyone can find some sexual practices or situations that elicit intense disgust, and others that elicit intense excitement o Anything some crave, someone finds disgusting; anything some abhor , some craves - The negative emotions tend to dominate Biology characterized by diversity Soble on Masturbation - Masturbation is “loving, adulterous, incestuous, same-sex, pederastic, involuntary, and rape-ish” and so it “must be queer” o Keep quiet about masturbation - Each of his 6 attempts is defeated by counter examples - Soble’s discussion is a good illustration of the method of analytic philosophy - Soble definition too narrow because it doesn’t account for that masturbation is sex Distinguishing Masturbation from the “paradigm case” of sex - Since the penis or clitoris need not be involved, it might be defined as the act in which “the person who by touching sexually sensitive areas of the body casually produces the sensation is the same person who experiences the sensations.” o Mutual masturbation is impossible - But then “mutual masturbation would be conceptually impossible,” So reflectively “may be sufficient, but it does not seem necessary - The definition mustn’t exclude mutual masturbation Attempts 1 and 2 1. “Mutual masturbation …. Involves the hands and genitals” – but needn’t if it’s solidarity rd Lecture 7 – October 23 , 2013 PHL243 o “awkward”: X’s tweaking own nipples is but tweaking Y’s isn’t, though rubbing Y’s clitoris is 2. Acts that don’t involve insertion: “participants remain to that extent physically isolated” (80) o But insertion of fingers in vagina should count; o Also, cunnilingus cd switch from moment to moment; o A watermelon or zucchini wouldn’t count Attempts 3 and 4 3. “sexual activity not involving the insertion of a real penis into a whole other living being” a. That implies that all lesbian activity is masturbatory while male same se activity is not 4. “Activity not involving the insertion of a real penis into a hole of a human.” a. Implies “an implausible conceptual double standard”: cunnilingus is masturbation, but fellatio is not b. This is “sexist but not heterosexist” Attempt 5 5. “Any sexual act that is not procreative in its form or potential, whether solitary or paired” o In that case, “our sexual lives contain a lot more masturbation than we had thought” o Since all that differs between what falls within and without the definition is “that different patches of skin are involved” in the rubbing of erogenous parts, we should conclude “that all sex is masturbatory” o If fantasies of another are involved, does that make it relevantly “solitary” or “non-procreative”? Attempt 6 6. “Sexual acts in which a person is concerned solely w
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