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LEC2- Platos Symposium-Natural Law Jan 13 2009?

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University of Toronto St. George
Phil Serchuk

PHL243: Philosophy of Sexuality LEC2: Platos Symposium; Natural Law Jan, 13th, 2009 how can fact be relevant to what you ought to value? 3 domains sexual dimorphism erotic sex political sex Platos Symposium Socratic Irony: getting other ppl to admit their own mistakes Socrates view: if you do something morally wrong, its not because you have a bad will, its because you lacked a certain piece of knowledge Platos view: plagued by inner conflict Theory of form everything that we see in the world is of one kind or another, and what it is for this ephemeral thing to be a thing of that kind, is that it is a kind of copy of an eternal perfect object this realm of perfect objects exist apart from our realm ie. think about the copying the alphabet, when you copy a message, it depends not on the original copy but on the knowledge that you have about how each letter looks like this is important because Plato believed ultimate reality is som
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