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phl 273 nov 5

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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Phl 273 lec 7 nov 5  H.L Mencken (post-modernist) puts it this way, “moral certainty is always a sign of cultural interiority. The more uncivilized the man the surer he is that he knows precisely what is right and what is wrong. o Its not always a specific answer to everything. Its good to have certain reason justifying certain situations  GERENAL APPROACH o Modernism Post Modernism  Deterministic exploratory  Linear non-linear  Positivist non-positivist  Totalizing non-essentializing  Seeks objective truth questions subject/object dualism  GENERAL METHODS o Modernism Post-modernism  Narrowly empirical  Ultimately abstract  Quantative  Universalizing plural, narrative and language based  GENERAL LOGICS o Modernism Post Modernism  Largely deductive inductive, deductive, intuitive, revealing the condition of the possibility of narrow logical forms of explanation  Post modern env ethics o Ethics as ethos: dwelling, discernment, inclination, attunement o Its less focused on a set of directions, your not going to get a how to manual o Ethics really is rooted in “ethos” how we actually dwell and function on a day to day experience o Attunement: ethics are not going to include only explicit rules or what is seen as an ethic, something else is going to happen, its about what we explicitly and inexplicitly value  Ex: what would u feel like if this floor sudden became glass? Being on the cn tower floor?  You feel scared, vulnerable, unstable because you may be afraid of heights etc  In a hardwood floor; You are picking up messages from certain things
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