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Joseph Boyle

Monday, September 10, 2012 PHL275H1 LEC0101 Introduction to Ethics – Lecture 1 A Look at the Syllabus The syllabus, schedule, as well as any sort of news regarding the course will be posted on the Blackboard course website which can be accessed through the UofT portal login page, As well, the professor will send emails outlining the new contents on the Blackboard. There have been slight changes to the syllabus mainly regarding the TA’s permission to submit papers electronically under certain circumstances and a note on Academic Integrity. Contacting the Prof • he will mostly keep contact through the Blackboard • should you have questions, you may see him after class, email him, see him at office hours, or leave a message at his phone number • Office: Carr Hall 109 Hours: Mon 10:15am-12:00pm, Wed 10:15am-12pm • Phone: 416 926 2260 Course Material/Notes • posted on the Blackboard • will not be handed out in a hardcopy • should you require a hardcopy of the syllabus, Professor Boyle will be printing out 50 copies that will be available on Wednesday, September 12 in class Lectures • two lectures each week • Mondays and Wednesdays • 23 lectures for the semester • the professor will begin the lecture at 9:10 • there is the option of adding a lecture on December 5 which may be discussed later on in the course • attendance is not mandatory, however it is beneficial to attend each lecture as the notes on Blackboard are merely outlines • the professor will allow recordings of his lectures. Tutorials • 10 tutorial in total for the semester • there will be a tutorial this week on Friday, September 14h • attendance will be taken as there is a participation mark worth 20% of your final mark Required Readings • most of the readings will be from the text: Moral Philosophy: A Reader (Fourth Edition) • the reading on Hume can be found i
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