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February 7 2012 PHL376 NOTES PEDs Performance Enhancing Drugs y Holowchak 35 usefully categorizes the types of ergogenic aidso Mechanical eg equipment proper technique o Psychological eg imageryarousal techniques o Physiological eg effects of altitude training o Nutritional eg optimal fatproteincarb balance o Pharmacological eg steroids HGH y PEDs are pharmacological ergogenic aids the magic pills that let athletes make the most of their workKey AssumptionLike most of our authors I assume that steroids HGH and other PEDs pose a significant health risk to the user when taken in doses large enough to improve performanceTwo Questions about PEDs 1 Question Given that PEDs are currently banned ought athletes refrain from using them Answer Yes to use banned PEDs would be cheating and cheating is morally unacceptable on at least Kantian and Aristotelian grounds2 Should PEDs be bannedArguments for banning PEDs a PEDs ought to be banned because they are harmful to athletes b PEDs ought to be banned because users have an unfair advantage over their competitors c PEDs ought to be banned because they are unnatural d PEDs ought to be banned because users coerce other athletes into using them The Harm Argument1 A persons liberty is justifiably restricted either a To prevent that person from harming others the Harm Principle or b To prevent that person from harming himself the Principle of Paternalism 2 PEDs at least steroids and HGH pose a significant health risk to athletes 3 Therefore athletes are justifiably prevented from using PEDsBrowns Objection Paternalism generally is not morally acceptable the Principle of Paternalism is rejectedPaternalism The usurpation of a persons autonomy for the sake of the person
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