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Ethics, Gender and Reproduction Lecture- Feb 28.doc

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Ethics Gender and Reproduction LectureFebruary 29 2012Saviour SiblingsA savior sibling is a child selected at the embryonic stage based on genetic screening and matching using preimplantation genetic diagnosis to help save the life of an existing brother or sister generally for siblings only because the matching is easier if its a brother or sisterThe selection of embryos which if they result in a live birth can provide lifesaving tissue to a sibling Most commonly it is in the stem cells from the umbilical cord of the savior sibling that are used to cure a lifethreatening disease via bone marrow transplantThis technique has been used mostly for blood or immune system related disorders such as Fanconis anemia leukemia which can be cured with cord blood donation or bone marrow transplantThe embryo is selected based on whether a it is not a carrier of a genetic disease so you dont select one with the same disease as youre transferring stem cells to and b it has histocompatibility for
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