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10 Feb 2011
PHL200Y1: Sept.21, 2010
Laches: c. 475-418
Athenian general, on retreat from Delium with Socrates in 424 (see Sympoisum 221b) was
a hoplite commander in Argoes in 418 and died (retreating) in battle of Mantinea
Nicias c. 475-413 BCE
Athenian general known for his caution and constant desire to achieve Peace (in
Peloponnesian war, between Athens and Sparta) he negotiated what is called the peace of
Nicias (421-416); and though he voted against campaign in Sicily, he was outvoted and was
elected general eventually being captured and put to death by the Syracusans (over
objections of Spartans)
Socrates hung around there aristocratic boys did but claimed not to know what they
were talking about
Allegedly asking experts (Laches and Nichias) about courage
Virtue of characters, induction and universal definition
418 Laches died in battle, dramatic dates before 424 & 418
oDialogue date oc composition by the battle of Delium, after Socrates died
Socrates is younger than the other generals
Men considered with the education of their sons so that they may be worthy of their
oThere claim is that their fathers ignored their sons because they were busy
going about public affairs
oIs the fighting in amour training a good thing for their sons
Nichas and Laches insist on taking Socrates opinion as well for he is
concerned with such matters he has also taking part in battle, and is
very skilled
Socrates is so brave in battle other men fear and stay away
Laches: died retreating in battle, significance of retreating.one of the first
definitions given is standing your ground in battle not retreating
Is retreating cowardice?
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