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Lecture 12

PHL243H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Thought Experiment, Sex Worker, Zoophilia

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Phil Serchuk

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LEC12: Intergenerational Sex
March, 31th 2010
Imaginative Resistance
! you cannot suspend your values when thinking about a thought experiment
! natural selection equip us to not suspend values because those who do suspend
values die sooner because their thought experiments do not impede them from
! thoughts experiments are ways in which we experiment with the world without
the harm
! but b/c we drag our values into the experiment we limit our empathy response
The Yuk Factor
! Kass: “reason why we shouldn't have cloning, abortion etc. b/c thinking about it
makes you go Yuk”
! our moral judgement regarding sex started with emotions but they should include
more than emotion and include rational thought as well
Case Study: Zoophilia and Bestiality
! although Animals cannot verbally consent, but they may be able to consent
! thus somehow when we drag in sex it makes everything different
Nurse vs. Sex Worker
! pain is bad, pleasure is good but
! absence of pleasure is merely not good while the absence of pain is good
! nurse's job is relieve pain = positive
! sex worker's job is to give pleasure = the positive does not outweight the bad
! Benetar argues, if you have sex intending to make a baby, then you are doing
something bad, because you are risking brining someone into evil
! ESSAY: we cannot grant the asymmetry of pain vs. pleasure b/c if we do we have
to accept Benetar's conclusion that it would be better to not have been borned at
Intergenerational Sex
! when you give child ice creame you assume they consent, but not when this is
applied to sex, (again something seems to be special about sex)
! when I say “I consent” this change the obligations and rights in the situation
! you can defeat apparent consent by:
! coercion and not by: bribes/promises
! in coercion if you refuse, your situation change but in promises if you refuse
your situation does not change
Why not? The power Imbalance
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