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LEC 7 – Just Cause Oct 1 2009

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Tom Hurka

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PHL378: War & Morality
LEC 7 Just Cause
Oct, 1st, 2009
Legalist Paradigm
! right of states derives from the right of individual members
! ppl have the right to collective political self determination
Just Cause = permission or duty to go to war?
! Waltzer: talk of duty
! as law enforcement and deter future attacks
! pg. 62
! pg. 59
! both militarily and diplomatically
! maintain the status quo
! Norwegian remained neutral but provided Germany w/ Iron ore
! Churchill mined Norwegian waters with bombs which is violation of Norway's sovereign rights
! Waltzer says that there is a higher moral status to civilians of neutral country as opposed to our own
country / countries already in war
! hence there is a stronger prohibition on killing citizens of neutral country than even the citizens
of our own country
! Waltzer: pg. 235, 236, 237
! countries are permitted and maybe a duty to care for their own citizens' lives higher than others
hence they are permitted to remain neutral
! Waltzer thinks that violation of Norwegian waters is not ok, b/c it was not a necessity
! Supreme Emergency
! when the circumstances of war are so high such that you are allowed to break normal rule of
! pg. 249
! 2 factors of whether or not you can remain neutral
! 1. how serious is the JC
! 2. cost to our nation
! if 1 > 2 greatly then you cannot remain neutral & there is a duty to pursue the JC
! if 1 > 2 a bit then there is no duty but a permission to pursue JC b/c you are permitted to give
bias to your own citizens
! when can another nation, force a nation into war?
! ie. what Britan did to Norway
! when there is a no duty then you cannot force
! when there is a duty then you can force or not depending on the gap b/w JC & Cost
Iraq War
! justification of fighting the war
! 1. WMD
! preventive war
! 2. liberating Iraqi ppl. (humanitarian)
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