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Lecture 7

lecture 7

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Doug Mac Kay

07 NeuroanatomySeptember 24 2007Neuroncell body or somaoonly the cell body is essential contains nucleusdendritespresent if neuron receives synaptic inputowhere PSPs are generatedaxonpresent if neuron generates an action potentialsynapses can be made along the axon not just at the axon terminalaxon varicosityosynapse is en passante in passing along axon surfacesoaxon varicosity is full of vesicles and small oganelles which are released by exocytosis and go to post synaptic receptors on dendritesocommon in ANSCentral vs Peripheral Nervous systemsCNS is protected by bone of skull and vertebrae mechanical protection and by bloodbrain barrier chemical protectionPNSspinal nerves sent to the rest of the body muscles limbs trunk skin headoall the axons and somata not protected by bone or by the bloodbrain barriersusceptible to injury and toxinscell bodies are stored in ganglion groups of somas in PNSsensory axons generate action potentials that travel along afferent nerves that go through and past ganglion to CNS via dorsal root back of spinal cordocell body doesnt have anything to do with transduction of action potentialsefferent nervesaxons send signals out of CNS to PNS ex to particular muscles via the ventral root interior side of spinal cordocontain motor neuronsgroup of cell bodies are in the CNS called nucleusStructurePNSCNSAxon bundleNerveTractGroup of GanglionNucleussomataMyelinSchwann oligodendrocellcyteCrosssection of spinal cordbrainstemexpansion of the spinal cordohas access to all levels of sensory information entering the CNS and has all the projections to motor nuclei cranial and spinalcenter canalruns entire length of spinal cord and thjoins with IV ventricleofilled with CSFgray matterwhere cell bodies of neurons are foundodorsal hornfrom sensory afferents1
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