POL101Y1 Lecture Notes - Liberal Democracy, Social Democracy, Statism

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31 Jul 2011

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Oct. 25th, 2010
Communism and Fascism
All but gone from the world, however; not completely exists in some
Communism and Fascism once represented legitimate alternatives to
liberal democracy
Politics that cast off the restraints of liberal democracy; politics of
Millions of people that died under Communism & Fascism: represents
the world that we live in today
Most people do not know what it is to live in fear
Liberal democratic politics is really about politics beyond the realm of
physical safety
Liberalism and its Crisis:
19th century is peak of liberalisms appeal
Liberal institutions develop even where social basis is not obviously
Some people had the trappings of liberal democracy
Countries in Eastern Europe were nowhere near ready for democracy
This was the era in which democracy and liberalism was charismatic;
had appeal everywhere
Liberalism and the Working Class:
Biggest group not integrated into political life (i.e. the Proletariat)
Wanted an extension of the franchise (the vote)
This points to the rise of social democracy in Western Europe.
Evolutionary socialism and reconciliation with liberal democracy:
electoral socialism
Key point of Marxism: you could have socialism w/o a revolution
Bernstein argued that you could cure all the problems of capitalism
By WW1 everyone could vote
What about the revolution?
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