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Oct 25 2012
POL 312Y1 Canadian Foreign Policy
Prof. Greaves
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POL 312Y1 Canadian Foreign Policy
Lecture 7 Thursday, Oct 25, 2012
Quiz next week
- It comprises 4 things:
o Pieces of territory
o Recognition of other states that it is distinct
o Has some population
o Has government
- State is political actors with legal personalities in international system
- Nation is not the same thing. Nation refers to groups of people that share
trait, history, language, culture, and desire for some form of political
representation as a union
- Nation is a sociological concept may or may not have those 4 things
mentioned above.
- For example, Japan is homogenous and has a very strong Japanese identity
- Federalism contradicts fundamental aspect of sovereign state
- In Canada we have 11 different sovereign
- The basic supposition of federal political system
- A political union entered into by political units
- Here, sovereign units can choose to stay together or leave
- Political communities from their moment of creation divides sovereign
between different types of government.
- Canada: We don’t have confederate system, we have federal system
- Sections 91 and 92
- History and change of the state
o While some powers are allocated to federal and provincial
governments, some powers are shared jointly between the
o Since the Constitutional Act we have a few updates
Oct 25 2012
POL 312Y1 Canadian Foreign Policy
Prof. Greaves
Page 2
o Fishery policy: Today we have international components and it makes
primarily responsibility for federal governments it does not make it
o The area we consider historical concerns with High Politics the most
sovereign of sovereignty. Foreign policy was considered low policy
issues. Internationalization challenged that types of division. It
problematizes what exactly international policy is vs. domestic policy.
- Lustay and change in Canada
o Lastly different community and society.
o The world has changed has become the political concerns of the
voters in the country
o We are part of the empire, not trying to be sovereign. The federal
government filled this void partly because they are the only oens that
didn’t pay for it.
- International system
- Federal
- Provincial
o Negotiates with federal AND provincial
o Involvement of non traditional actors takes place along side of
national government
- Fundamental issue in Canadian history English and French
o Fact that they are different
o Complicated as Robert observes because of that difference (maybe
what Quebec is and the rest of Canada is)
o English speaking people see things differently than French. The
essence problem that French people see it is history of French
existence of in British colony. French experience is one of the special
place and distinction. They are not just another group of people. It had
political implication in 1867 the politics of United politics of Canada
o Dualism system of parallelism and parody. French Canadians have
this formalized representation of equality in French interest. Dualism
is important because this is vision of British and French people being
equally significant in making Canada. This is argument put forward by
French people. Incompatible with dominant vision of Canadian society
- Where is regionalism embedded in our government?
o Senators
o Supreme court
Problematizes the idea of single Canadian policy
Means that the government care win real score for involving
itself into certain global issues
Oct 25 2012
POL 312Y1 Canadian Foreign Policy
Prof. Greaves
Page 3
- No one direction
- Language
- Region
End of Class