POL305Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Writing Center, Multi-Level Governance, Democratic Deficit

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Published on 27 Sep 2012
Political Science
Use full sentence on the assignment, more than 10 key sources.
2 doubled spaces; annotated bibliography can be as long as you want. You can use
newspaper to elaborate on your points.
The core components,
-Intro to the topic and identification of the problem, puzzle to be addressed in the
-Articulation of a clear research question
-Rationale/significance of the study
-Justification of cases selected for analysis
-First structure/outline of the proposed paper
-Working argument/hypothesis
What is a strong research question?
-strong research question are often based on a particular trend, development or
outcome in the social world that is somewhat at odds with what one might be expect
-Think about it in terms of puzzle or paradox (e.g interesting variation between 2
otherwise similar cases)
-should lead you towards an explanatory analysis rather than a purely descriptive
or normative one
rationale/significance of study
-why is the topic important/worth examining?
-from a theoretical standpoint: combines new and interesting literatures to shed
new light on a particular debate; build on existing theory in the area
-from a practical/empirical standpoint: extends the analysis to new empirical
contexts; important policy implications
title: waterfront politics: an analysis of how multilevel governance arrangements
shape redevelopments projects in Toronto and Chicago
-intro: 2 cities that share a number of similarities(justifications of cases) but vastly
different approaches to the redevelopment of their waterfront spaces
-statement of the rq:
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-what explains the failure of toronto’s waterfront to follow chicago’s example
-sketch of how the analysis will unfold: the study will divided into number parts?
Brief description of each part
-significance of the proposed study: recent research focus on specific cases, add to
this by extending the analysis to 2 new cities. ; add empirical support to argument of
good and others.
Its periodical, immigration patterns.
Economic clusters. Topics are contemporary
Example2: new deal of cities movement
Democratic deficit need a theoretical framework to explain this,
Annotated bibliography?
-demonstrates the breadth and scope of the research done thus far
-an alphabetical list of research sources
-provided complete bibliographic details
-but also a concise summary of each source and some assessment of its value and
relevance to the development of your own work
-selecting sources: define the scope of your research so you can decided which
sources to include and exclude
-what is your problem puzzle research question?
-what type of material you are looking for? peer retire academic
-summarizing the argument of a source
-each annotation should
-identify the main argument, research question or hypothesis of the source
-the methods used and the main findings of the sources
-evaluate the sources’ strengths; weaknesses and relate it to other work in the field
-demonstrate how/where the source will be used in your work e.g contributes to
the theoretical foundations of the paper, contributes some empirical data on a
particular aspect of the problem
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