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JPA331Y Mar. 27th Notes

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Political Science
Lynette Ong

Chinas Strategy for Southeast Asia and the Regions ResponseFinishing up NationalismBut this week focus is on Chinas strats vs Southeast Asiaand then course evaluationNationalism Finish Upimportant underlies chinataiwan cross strait relations we talked about beforeunderlines chinas foreign domestic policies talked about 2 weeks agoand has somethin to do with todays lecture toowith onset of market liberal reforms durin deng era marxism and leniniusm faded as legtiimizing forcee for the party so insteaad nationalism emrged as major piollar supporting CCP and its legtimacyalso functions as glue to hold people together but theres kind of 2 views about nationalism in China Western ppl view China nationalism as top down party propaganda where as Chinese nationalists describe Chinese nationalism as bottom up process of mass people movementthe truth is somewhere in between it is both top down and botton up and it is spontaneous sentimenttop down as result of CCP indcotirnation of doctirne of humilaition by western and japs and portrayal of how party has susceesfuly liberated the countryending centuries of humiliationon other hand nationali sentiment can be independent force on its own outside state controlPopular nationalists regularly speak of mother land without reference to partyOnce it is independent force on its own it lies outside paetys controlin a way it can also threaten party legitimacy when that happens when the party can be seen as too weak in midst of natioanli sentimentsso natiaonlism is double edge sword for CCPPopular natioanlists can support or challenge states claim to legtiimacydiaoyu island think about it Soverignty disputes between japan china taiwan So when antiJapanese sneitment doesnt challenge the state it is positiveby contrast when protesting take to the streets and demand the state to take tough actions on Japan implying the state has been weak on former imperialists they threaten the states legitimacy on nationalistic gruondsAs result the party both sppresses and as well as responds to popular nationalist
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