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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

12/12/2012 12:13:00 AM Special Guest Sovereignty and Intervention: Outline What is it to be Sovereign (duties, responsibilities) Under what circumstances is it justified to intervene in another country? Syria RTP: Canada as Norm Entrepreneur Intervention Dilemmas: Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, East Timor Rwanda: 800 000 butchered with knives, Canadian had UN troops there but he was unable to intervene and he had post traumatic stress because of it Bosnia: Western world watched while capital of Bosnia pound civilians with sniper rifles – they do it to make sure Bosnia does not become and independent state but then slaughter goes on and west just watch 1995: U.S. and Nato overcame resistance to stop Serves (the people causing trouble in Bosnia) and since the intervention no one has died since but it took them 3 years to do this which led to many deaths Kosovo: When Kosovo try to defend themselves, Surbian military forces them to leave the country – western in this case decided that they should intervene right away and stop the cleansing (driving ethnic group outside of their country); west bombed surbian and now Kosovo is peaceful; problem here: NATO intervened without security council approval; Intervention in IR needs Security council to approve the use of force to make it lawful; Legality vs. Legitimacy; although US intervention saved a lot of people, it wasn’t legal. Canadian Leadership Macarthur Foundation Support International Commission on Sovereignty and Intervention, 2011; Canada didn’t lead with troops etc, they led with ideas (another form of IR) R2P (All Sovereign states have the Responsibility to Protect their own civilians) at the General Assembly. 2005: Normal entrenchment : When sovereign states fail to protect their own, other states have the responsibility to protect them Sovereign = responsibility = protect the people = another state if not the first state The Responsibility to Protect vs. The right to Intervene “Responsibility” is a duty “Right” is an option the way you say something in IR makes a huge difference Sovereignty in the UN charter How UN defines Sovereignty 2.7: States cannot intervene in the internal affairs of other states Inviolability: Security Council has the right to decide 39: Security council should decide the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace or act of aggression 42: it make take such action by air, sea, or land forces as may be necessary to maintain or restore international peace and security Security Council: Russia, China, U.S., France, Britain Doesn’t represent 2 thirds of the world but that’s all we got; cant be changed Can the circle be squared? sovereignty as inviolability and control vs. sovereignty as responsibility Sovereignty as Inviolability: International law see’s all sovereigns as equal (Canada = U.S.) Connection between sovereignty and self-rule - Sovereignty as Responsibility: Don’t kill your own people; real clear You can run your own show but don’t start mass killing or ethnic cleansing your own people National Security vs. Human Security - National Security protect from external attacks - Human Security food, shelter, clothing, basic elements of human protection Canadian Idea; peace keeping, human security agenda, sovereignty as a responsibility When can be intervention be justified? Or When does sovereignty as responsibility override sovereignty as inviolability? - Ethnic Cleansing: making group of people leave the state; Actual or Apprehended - Widespread Massacre - Genocide: mass killing against a specific collective group (Jews, Muslims) until the entire group is completely non existent in that specific area; it because of hate/threat not because of land or anything; Actual or Apprehended - Deliberate Famine What about these cases? Human Rights Abuses: how many people being killed is too much? Democratic Overthrow Weapons of Mass Destruction Environmental Disaster: Ex. Burma Tycoon killed/starved many but they didn’t let foreign humanitarian workers intervene Does these things not justify intervention?? What’s the threshold of unacceptable? Ho
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