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Lecture 5

Lec5 of sem 2- Dependency and Development.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

Outliers or Models Dependent Development why uneven development? what is development? -can be seen as progress/transformation  human development, micro aspect (health status, literacy, infant mortality) ex. Taiwan rich country yet high  equity (gdp, gdp/capita, income/wealth distribution, social mobility, gender/religion)  capacity (to upgrade nations economy, skills/education)  sustainable development (long term, environment, industrial diversity) ex. Canada is commodity resource seller is this sustainable? long run  political development (democracy, human rights) **focus on aggregate economic growth** how to explain some countries developed while other not through theory: explain data, prediction, prescribe a theoretical conversation 1. the cosmopolitical view: invisible hand, global economy =positive sum Adam Smith: -invisible hand, supply and demand -specialization (comparative advantage) = natural division of labour + free trade = efficient economy and global productivity 2. the mercantilist view: visible hand, gov't intervention List and Hamilton: -hegemony, nations matter not just individuals -countries, England Germany, NOT positive sum it is negative (gain at someone's expense)
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