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POL103 LEC 3

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Political Science
Jeffrey Kopstein

POL103LEC 03 September 29, 2009 Marx: State and Revolution History and Classes Base and superstructure Its not who controls them, its the relationships involved Marx: believes that morality, ideas, law, culture, ways that we think construct the superstructure Being creates consciousness, consciousness does not create being Base determines superstructure You must also believe: be a Hegelian; believed that were stages in history, history unfolds. Its not that Marx hated capitalism, he just felt it was unjust. Stages of history has these two things going on: means of production, and mode of production Alienation (philosophical concept) and exploitation (economic)? Marx saw that as a general commission of all societies, there was always exclusion. You work really hard, but your alienated from it. Work shouldnt be horrible or a really bad experience because someone else is expropriating things from you. Exploitation is the economic counterpart to alienation. You can actually calculate the portion of someones labor that is made alien to them and you can do that much easier in a capitalistic society with dollars and cents. For Marx, Societies are always in conflicts between those who control and those who do not control the means of production. Classes rule them, and
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