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POL101 Lecture #7

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Political Science

103111POL101 Lecture 7 Democracy with Chinese Characteristicsthe peoples wishes for and needs for democracy and freedom are irresistible Premier Wen JiaBao interview with CNN 092310China20 of the worlds populationNot in democracy Prospects for China not going to be democratic no reason to beSerious needs for political and economical reformMore transparent voting more accountability but not democracyShould China be more democratic Should governments of other countries criticize China for its human rights record to encourage China to be a more democratic reform Will China become a democracy in the next 20 years China in the modern erath End of the Qing Dynasty beginning of the 20 century1895 war with Japan defeatedwar reparation to Japan Huge defeat for the Chinese pride 5000 year old civilization Population crisis growing economically but the population was growing rapidly as well people getting poorer 1850 500 million people 19 century economic and technology backward poor countryNationalist revolution the rulers of china werent Chinese rather it was an outside power way for the Chinese to stand up against those outside oppressorsSun yatsen Republican revolution for the first time china was a country madeappointed the provisional president Three Principles of the People1 NationWas no longer a civilization was going to be a modern nation could defend themselves 2 DemocracyChina would become a democratic country Allow the democracy virtue to flourish3 Welfare Chinese people would not be weak no hunger protecting the people of chinaby the people and for the peopleNondemocratic modern China Turning theory on its head Modern China is not democratic Largest financial centers specially within the Asian countries democracy with Chinese characteristicswe know that the system in china is not a system a democracy as we assume to see
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