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Political Science
Ryan Balot

POL200Y1Y L5101 1 R. Balot L1: Introduction May 12, 2009 6:00 PM Platos Republic - The Allegory of The CAVE This allegory is about education o Why Socrates says the cave prisoners are so much like us o We are meant to find the prisoners pitiable Why are we prisoners? o The allegory says we are imprisoned by our ignorance Who are the puppeteers? o They are the unquestioned authority figures. We live our lives by convention e.g. children must learn conventions in order to perform in life The danger becomes that we live our lives as conformists o Upon seeing the light, the prisoners feel safe in their convictions Why continue digging into the nature of our values Here, the puppeteers are also in the cave and live their lives believing that reproducingfollowing convention is their goal o The prisoners find it difficult to walk past their puppeteers - and by extension - convention and face the light Awakening oneself to the order which underlies convention is Platos most memorable image Education is not easy
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