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The political and philosophic context of Plato’s republic:

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Rebecca Kingston

POL 200Y1 Wednesday, September 22, 2010 The political and philosophic context of Platos republic: I. Introduction. -what does it mean to be good? cant be related to you, may require cultural and social things to be realized. conditions individual and relative, but also socialcultural context and hence demand certain politics -in political works vision of what they see as best good ... idea of political good for plato and aristotle carried with it a vision of something that is more than the individual. what makes for a good place to live? the readings this year will answer that. how do we determine what makes good political community what should our priorities be. thinkers were in dialogue with their time periodcontext and each other.. aristotle was a student of plato. machiavellli puts on the robe to the ancients. puts himself in mindset of time period. II. The political history: democratic institutions of ancientAthens and the controversies surrounding them. decisions to be made on basis of persuasion rather than authority or tradition. democracy was most conducive to the need of argument theoretical. basic irony that most famous thinkers of poli theory were largely critical of democracy. how much theorists owe to the background of political culture. tradition of descent. despite critical stance to dem poli norms owe gret debt to political democratic principles. *plato commentary for good citizenship. formation of just soul. three aspects of athenian democracy
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