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Political Science
Ryan Hurl

The Constitution of 1787The Institutional Basis of American National Government ndSeptember 22 2011 Lecture 2American Political Culture Multiple TraditionsLiberalism Free and open markets Small governments little interventionRepublicanism All governments should be close to the people Active participation of people Takes on various forms Notion that government power should be monitored Progressivism The role of government should expand and change To accommodate changing social and economic conditionsAscriptive Hierarchy Rights and responsibilities should be based on certain cultural characteristicsFord CommercialI wasnt going to buy another car that was bailed out by our government I was going to buy from a manufacturer thats standing on their own win lose or draw Thats what America is about is taking the chance to succeed and understanding when you fail that you gotta pick yourself up and go back to work Ford is that company for meFord is playing on certain traditions within American political lifeProgressive Idea Notion that government should work closely to maintain large financial institutionsCant be understood as a simply left wing or right wing idea The Origins of the American Constitutional System Why bother studying itMain Argument We can see the constitution of 1787 as an early success of American liberalism It is the single most important factor in understanding American politics as a wholeWant to understand the recurring pattern of American politicsHave to analyze constitution
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