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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Political Science
John Haines

POL208Y Lecture November 16 , 2010 Contemporary Conflict If Poland wanted to move towards a different system, Gorbachevs Red Army would no longer intervene in the monitoring of satellites Germany was keen to take gorbachevs words at face value Ration in US was slightly different; the head of the CIA at the time (Robert Gate?) was doubtful that gorbachev would succeed in reforming the soviet union o Likely CIA scenario was that more reformed gorbachev wanted to change things, and would be ousted by a coup o Cia believed that the soviet conservatives would remove gorbachev from power after a short period of time o They began to take G seriously after the berlin wall fell in 1989 o In the 70s it was a time where the US and the soviet union negotiated the first arms control treaties; only to find out soviet union cheated on treaties (expanded its military influence in Afghanistan) o they largely imposed American terms at the end of the cold war either Germany was out of NATO, or east Germany was given a special status US wanted to show that they had indeed won the cold war USSR was not happy End of cold war was a divine surprise Key element of cold war was peace; no shots fired for the most part First impact of cold war was peace dividend; defense budgets were drastically slashed and the number of troops in Europe was cut by at least half; arms productions were reduced
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