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1st Test Study Guide! Hart & Dworkin

OC33532 Page
22 Feb 2011
Legal positivism distinguishes law as it is from law as it should be. Law only includes moral principles insofar as legislature has specifically includ
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UTSGPOL208Y1John HainesFall

Lecture 9

OC33538 Page
7 Feb 2011
 us wanted to show that they had indeed won the cold war.  end of cold war was a divine surprise.  key element of cold war was peace; no shots fired
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UTSGPOL201Y1Sophia MoreauFall

Lecture #3

OC33538 Page
7 Dec 2010
The way in which the government was implicated in creating the market.  a lot of funding granted to study parts of the world.  as a result, students
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UTSGPOL201Y1Sophia MoreauFall

Lecture #2

OC33539 Page
7 Dec 2010
Industrial revolution: economic society, market society, transformation from feudal to market econ.  trade guilds ensure goods are produced that is un
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