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Democratic Peace notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
John Haines

Lecture 4 2111 History of the UN UN today is radically different from UN 1945 Used to be 51 members There are over 30,000 international organizations governments, NGOs, etc. Regional in interests (African Union, European Union) Other organizations deal with specific problems (Interpol) or represents interests of small group of nations Some non-governmental organizations (NGO) work very close with governments (Red Cross in Haiti) Plethora of international organizations and NGOs, but UN is most important The term united nations was coined in 1942 Contradiction between armament and the objective of punishing countries who were threatening world peace Unanimity was a condition and anything could be blocked by one state Roosevelt 4 powers that could police the international system US, UK, China, Russia P5 (Permanent 5) have veto power, no other countries have special prerogative given to them because they have more responsibilities When it started, Soviet Union didnt like that it had equal power with France and UK thought since it was bigger it should have more power, and Belarus and Ukraine should have more power UN develop peace and security, peaceful relationships among states, solve international problems and promote human rights, and to be a center of harmonization among nations very liberal agenda with more pragmatic approach than League of Nations To learn from the failures of Leage and Nations, and to make it more practical and powerful
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