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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
La Haine

POL 208 Feb 2 2011 - The government has less autonomy to Lake Victoria on Tanzania Darwins set a policy according to local values, Nightmare needs and tastes Egypt. Structure of Egyptian economy Will there be a convergence on the Inequality- poor live under 2 dollars per day 40 % of the entire population High level of lowest form of regulation? unemployment One of anti-globalizationalists Analysts say national economy as a whole has motivations been improving in Egypt Not only cheap, but healthier, educated laborers more divergence is possible..? Political Regime Economic condition Underdevelopment *** Capital has a great impact on politics? Trust economic globalization labour Ex) WalMart has larger economic entity movement still high restrictions than many other nations Impact of political border The State and the MNC; Multi National Liberalization of capital float Corporations Why does it matter? Allows capital to Is the state becoming powerless? exit If capital doesnt like the local environment; like the local labor laws, What are the ethical implications? etc, It now has
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