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International Regimes & Organizations - very detailed!

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Political Science
La Haine

Wednesday February 9 Canada US Border Agreement Increase security AND increase trade Security (nation-state) trade (economic integration) - The agreement establishes a security perimeter encircling Canada and the US - Harper: This declaration is not about sovereignty - he was very quick to say this, but it is about sovereignty to an extent because converging policies of US and Canada takes away some of the freedom that Canada has but this happens with any agreement because if you find an agreement, you give up some of your rights because youre now bound to a contract.So Canada is losing all of its sovereignty but both sides should lose something because of the agreement - Accepting these types of American policies takes away from Canadian borders to decide on policies - All were asking for is a little democracy, NDP MP Paul Dewar (a reaction to the economic integration) - This is the example of how a trilemma might work Elsewhere: EU Leaders Meet - For the last year or so Europe has experienced several shocks (Ireland, Greece, etc) so EU leaders have met and discussed: How to deal with the economic crisis? - France & Germany have decided on more integration! To give up more of their sovereignty, to bound countries even tighter. And the way they do that is by saying --- - Euro countries will get lots of cash to help with the debt crisis. In return: all future economic policy needs to secure EU approval before implementation. - This means that theres pretty much one economic government no government will be able to take upon itself the acceptance of economic or fiscal approval without approval from someone else. - So far, the initiative triggered a backlash from other EU leaders anxious to defend their national economic, labour and welfare policies. - Agreement is not dead yet, theres another meeting in March. - Situation right now is not very sustainable - 20 countries objected - One of the outcomes: Germany rejects the bail out plan
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