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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Nelson Wiseman

thLECTURENovember 30 2010Political PartiesThree essays o 1 from each section 3 sectionsGrowth of francise in CanadaHow does the electoral system distort the strongest partiesImpact of electoral systemalternatives to first past post Parties and Voting BehaviourPotential Effects of PollsFunctions of PartiesParties in Historical Perspective Potential Effects of PollsCan the publication of polls be influential when it comes to voting behaviourStrategic meansundecided votesMedia discourse Politics believe there is influence o No media was allowed to publish a poll within 3 days lawPassed bcFalse pollso Late 90snewspaper chainsmedia chains went to courts and argued that under the Charter stated violation of freedom of expression Case is heard in OntarioLaw is okay meets standards and the limitations of charterSupreme court sees the case in 1998 of May o Says to strike down the law o Decision is split53 o Limits freedom of press o Law is underboardo Too restrictive to not publish a pollBut you must include methodologyo Voters can assess weakness of polls1 Bandwagon Effect o Go with the f
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