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PSY100H1 Lecture Notes - Confirmation Bias, Forego, Subtyping

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Michael Inzlicht

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WK 4 Lec #3 January 31st, 2013
Maintenance of Stereotypes: Cognitive
“Racists for Obama”
re-fence stereotype-disconfirming individuals
allows for maintenance of stereotypes and prejudice
allows ppl to feel non-prejudiced
Macrae, Milne, & Bodenhausen, 1994
humans have developed cognitive “tools” allowing us to analyze social environment
stereotypes are one of these tools
they allow us to forego effortful individuation, they make useful predictions,
when taxed, ppl use stereotypes
Are stereotypes energy-saving devices
Participants performed two tasks simultaneously
Task 1 - Impression Formation
Name followed by 10 traits terms
Half given a stereotypical (e.g., doctor, artist, skinhead). Half given no label
Half of the traits were stereotypic, half-neutral
Task 2 - Information Monitoring
Ps heard a two minute passage on Indonesia
DV: Recall of traits with appropriate targets; performance on MC test on passage
Results confirmed predictions:
stereotypes improved recalls
for stereotypic and neutral item
improved MC performance
Bruner & Goodman, 1947
Deviation from actual size for coins - coins had greater deviation from actual size
the size of discs had very little deviation from the actual size
Rich 10 yo shows at least a 10% deviation from actual size
Poor 10 yo shows at least a 22% deviation from actual size for coins
poor 10 yo sees 25 cent coin as 50% larger
Confirmation Bias
Stereotypes bias information in confirmatory manner
confirming info more fully processes
ambiguous info seen as stereotype confirming
Facing Prejudice
can prejudice bias perceptions of facial emotion?
Hugenberg and Bodenhausen 2003
same expression, on two faces, only difference is race/colour
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