PSY100H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 24: Moral Treatment, Medical Model, Dsm-5

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27 Nov 2018

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PSY100- Lecture 24- Psychological Disorders and Treatment
Brief History of Mental Illness:
Reliance on supernatural explanations for mental disorders in colonial time
o “Lunacy” a baby who was left sleeping in front of the light from the full moon
would develop a psychological disorder
o Locking people away and assuming that they are unsafe
1800s- moral treatment
o Promoting the idea that mental illness was not an individual’s fault
o There are social causes that can contribute to different psychological disorders
o Individual’s deserve to be treated with respect
o Social/group therapy
Traditional Medical Model
o Mental health should be treated in the same was as physical health
o Biological cause for everything
o The clinician is the expert and the patient should listen to recommendations
o Medicalized approach
Biopsychosocial and Diathesis-Stress Model
o Integrating biological factors and social factors/psychological factors
o Model that emphasizes interaction between existing vulnerability and some sort
of life stressor/environmental aspect
Abnormal Behaviour: Some Misconceptions and Controversies
Medical model focuses biological causes
o Implies that its not the fault of the person
o Improvement over earlier models
o Still treats it as being a medicalized problem that is part of the person
o Can lead to discrimination and stigma
o Heritable part of the person
Stereotypes of Psychological Disorders:
They are incurable
People with psychological disorders are violent and dangerous
o More likely to be the victim of violence than they are to hurt other people
People with psychological disorders can be recognized
o Not the case
o Many individuals struggle whom you would never guess
Incredibly common
Biggest barrier to getting treatment is fear of being labelled
o Changing the way people view them
o Being embarrassed/ashamed
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