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Lecture Note for motivation

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Michael Inzlicht

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PSY100 t Motivation
If you want high performance, high creativity, strong leadership, learning
organization open to failure and less pressure, and ultimately, happy employees
who will take your business to the next level: then you want to work with
intrinsic motivation
x E.g. factory worker Æ purposely show down the factory line so that the
minimum standard will not increase
- Healthy development
o E.g. think back to HS. Did you go to class and engage in extracurricular activities after
school or did you skip class to pay cards and go drinking?
o More generally why do some people make it through their teenage year with vitality,
hop and a general sense of drive>
Autonomy Æ family supports, independence, self-direction, challenging and fun
intrinsic pursuits
Competence Æ goal oriented mastery oriented, growth mindset, success
experience and feedback, practice
Relatedness Æ healthy peer context, mentors, family support, social skills,
o Experience sampling methods Æ teens who thrive were found to speed a much higher
proportion of time in FLOW activities, i.e., intrinsic interest, high degree of challenge,
intense concentration, adsorption in the moment, than less on unstructured time (TV
time, bumming around
o Conclusion Æ those who thrive are those who engage themselves in activities that
develop their talents
Key factor Æ enjoyment, not pleasure but more like effortful, absorbed
developmental context
- Principle of Insufficient Justification
o Rewards affect meaning structure
o Robot toy Æ want to play Æ }v[oÇÁ]Z]µ]]]}]v}ZÇÁÁ]oo
be very angry Æ no one plays with it
Come back later and stick it with other toys Æ u]oÁv]vPW}v[oÇ]ÁZ]o
stronger punishment: play it => why does weaker punishment makes them play
with it
x v[](Ç]ZZ]v}oZÆ toy is no that cool
Cognitive dissoiciance Æ lie to the next person the presentation is good Æ $1
vs. $20 Æ $1 lie more than the $20 Æ internal justification Æ $1 is nothing, all
for nothing, take it seems cool (frame it that it is more fun than it is t
insufficient justification changes meaning in the mind) Æ need to turn them to
nasty person

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