PSY100H1 Lecture Notes - Suggestibility, Eyeblink Conditioning, Amygdala

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Published on 19 Oct 2012
Oct. 16 & 18, 2012
Attention and Memory Lecture - Chapter 7
Long-term memory: Information Organization
Retrieval cue: anything that is encoded can be a retrieval cue - anything encoded / any stimulus
Context-dependent memory: the context that you are in when recalling is similar when you encoded
lots of evidence that it exists and works
anything in that environmental context
Examples of CDM
the scuba diver study: the context meshed the encoding information.
there was either a match or mismatch
they recalled more if the recall situation matched the encoding situation i.e. better to recall words in
environment you learned them
use this to your advantage:
background noise / music
there is memory enhancement
revisiting a childhood home
you get a “flood” of memories
suddenly you start remembering all of these things that happened while you were there
if you can’t recreate the environment you call mentally visualize the location
it also tends to lead to better recall
stress can interfere with mental recall
State dependent memory:
looking at your internal state e.g. mood, drugs, etc.
if the internal state matched in encoding and recalling is the same it also enhances the memory recall
The Biology of Memory
there is not a “memory part” of your brain
medial temporal lobe:
H.M. e.g. - he was no longer able to form new memories
everyday from the surgery was a new day for him
the medial temporal lobe are really important for declarative memory: what we know for sure
he still had part of his procedural / motor memory - even though he did not remember he got
also see Clive Wearing (YouTube)
reconsolidation: every time we think of an old memory it might not be the same as the original was
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